Summary of Ergonomics/Human Factors Graduate Programs, Certificates, and Online Courses Available Around the World.

Online Courses

In the table below, various online courses and short courses are listed.  Use the URLs for more information.

Type of Course
CEUs/Credit Hours
Auburn University
Graduate degrees and graduate certificates
27-37 credit hours for Certificate
Atlanta Back School

CEAS I – 15 contact hours/1 credit hour

CEAS II – 15 contact hours/1 credit hour

CEAS III – 16 contact hours/1.06 credit hours

Office – 9 contact hours/0.6 credit hours
Bentley University
10 course program ~ 30 credit hours
Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
360 contact hours/24 credit hours
Colorado State University
6 CEUs/0.4 credit hours
Dalhousie University
128 contact hours/8.5 credit hours
Graduate degree and graduate certificate

MS degree – 30 credit hours

Certificate – 12 credit hours
Mississippi State University
Graduate degrees

MS degree – 30 credit hours

PhD degree – 68 credit hours
Ohio State University
Completion document
24 contact hours/1.6 credit hours
Pennsylvania State University
9 credit hours
Purdue University
3 credit hours
Tufts University
Certificate in Human Factors in Medical Devices and Systems
12 credit hours
University of Aberdeen
Short course
15 contact hours/1.0 credit hour
University of College Cork, Ireland
MS in Occupational Health
90 credits (ECTS)/45 credit hours
University of Derby
Graduate degrees
- -
University of Fredericton
Graduate degrees and graduate certificates

Certificate – 16 weeks ~ 560 contact hours/37.3 credit hours

Advanced Certificate – 32 weeks ~ 1120 contact hours/74.6 credit hours

University of Idaho
MS in Psychology, Human Factors
27 credit hours
University of Nottingham
Graduate degrees and graduate certificates
many courses

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